Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy Rolling New Year

So we began our New Year's smooching when it was New Year here, on this street, where I used to live. True, it was a while ago, like 1959-1961. And nowadays, it'll cost you about $3,000,000.00 to buy a small flat here (I kid you not), now that it's called Chelsea and is a tres posh part of London. Back in my day it cost me $6.00 a week to rent a neat room with shared kitchen and bath, and our neighbors up the street were the United Dairies stables (they still used horses for household milk delivery then - my early morning dreams were filled with clip-clop-clip-clop as they all set off) and a two houses connected together male brothel.

We should have started our New Year in Switzerland (I've lived there too), but I didn't think of it soon enough. So we just did England, and Newfoundland, and New York, and Chicago, and finally our own little New Year here in Las Cruces. Old age and exhaustion set in, and we didn't bother with California. There's enough of them out there to do it for themselves.

Since all these time labels are merely of our own making -- gasp!! -- does it shock you to know there is no 2007 out there in the universe? -- why not make use of them, we say!

And by the by, sadly, I'm afraid science education being what it's been of late, I hate to think how many Americans would be shocked to be told there is no 2007 out there in the universe. ::sigh::

1 comment:

Berrysmom said...

Sounds like a peripatetic New Years celebration, Juffie. Welcome home, where you can settle down to one calendar and one timepiece, and know what time/day/year it is.


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