Monday, January 1, 2007

We don't have any weather down here

These snow covered trees have nothing to do with me! Despite headlines like "All New Mexico Snow Bound" -- tain't true. Yea, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Interstate 40 all got hammered, 'tis true, and my heart goes out to all those newly sore muscles and folks dig out.

But, folks, that's only the Northern half of this "Land of Enchantment". Down here in the rosy southlands, even at 4,000 feet, not a flake. True, we had a little frost this morning, but you had to get up before 6 to catch even that. What with the sun, it'll be 60 or so as we go along. And yes, way up in the mountains even down south they've had some snow, but even our 9,500 foot Organ Mountain peaks, such a nice show in our living room, have had snow for only part of one day. No more.

Kinda burns me the way the northern half of this state is so often reported as the whole place! The same way it burns me that the Weather Channel on TV ignores this highly populated area entirely. If you've got a satellite dish for your TV reception, check it out.

If you're on Cable, at eight minutes past the hour, and eighteen, and twenty-eight, etc. you get a little candy called "Local on the Eights" on the Weather Channel, with your local weather. But if you're on DISH or DIRECTTV, then "on the eights" you get a running sequence of weather in cities all over the US. Here's the thing. In that list of cities, you get places that aren't exactly major cities, like Grand Rapids, Michigan -- nothing personal, GR, I've lived there and I like you. But you never see El Paso, Texas. Chew on this, thinkers. Population of Grand Rapids, MI 197,800. Population of El Paso, TX over 700,000 and growing fast. Not to mention another quarter million of Las Cruces and environs. Or the fact that El Paso and Juarez, Mexico are closer twin cities than Minneapolis/St. Paul, indeed, the largest population center on any international border in the world, at over 2.2 million. But can we get any local weather news from the Weather Channel? Forget it.

Check it out, TV spotters. El Paso is the spot where the weather people stand. They turn left and point East, or right and point West (that's how they turn, you see the opposite, oh Gawd this is getting complicated) -- we live under their b......y hips, and never know what the b....y weather's going to be. ::triple sigh::

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Laura said...

I get irate with the weather channel anymore, too... it just fries my potatoes that Memphis is not mentioned, even though it is the largest city in the state of TN - and the largest city in the region. GRRR. Local on the Eights PFFFT.

The little things. It's the little things that matter.

Happy New Year!

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