Monday, December 18, 2006

The Blessings of Limits

Winter Evening - by Vladimir Belikov

Well, yes, it just happens that I love Russian Impressionist art, and you are likely to see more of it on my blog - even often!

So here I am, on a Winter Evening of my own, here in the desert, where our bright sun, 70 degrees, has been slowly clouding over with rain predicted possibly for tonight -- though often it never actually reaches the ground. Raining up there somewhere, but evaporating before touchdown. I've actually had it rain on my head, when nothing is hitting the pavement at all, and I ain't even tall. But my head gets the tiny tiny remaining touch before disappearance.

Meanwhile - limits. Long calls from disturbed (in many ways) congregant last night. I ended it as quickly as possible, pleading tiredness (true). My contract is for very limited consulting with the congregation I serve. Doesn't include long counselling etc. I am not their minister, but a very part-time consultant. Called congregant back and clarified all today. And will hold to it.

Seem to be getting physically better, and am not about to be stressed out into relapse! About to try a night with less meds ... wish me well! Had a wonderful day working out with trainer, getting on with knitting project, and planning new quilt project. 42 years of thinking as a minister, now's my chance for making stuff you can actually see!!

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