Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is There A Word for Nearly Hell?

No, in the face of all the world's problems

it wasn't really hell this week-end, but it sure felt like it. Knowing I had to drive an hour to preach Sunday I hoped my heart troubles wouldn't return, so, of course, they did. Not a wink of sleep, unable even to lie down with rapid pounding heart all, and I mean all, Saturday night. What to do Sunday AM? My beloved convinced me to go ahead and drive and preach, which I did OK, though troubles persisted all afternoon. My doc then declared I had to go the Emergency (again...), so off we went. Bad timing. Sunday evening ER hell. Got there at 5, was seen at 11. Lots of work-up, some new meds, nothing serious showing up, back home and slept like a baby thanks to a light anti-anxiety med. Doc said even folks who have heart attacks say anxiety attacks are worse. I'm beginning to understand what they mean.

Lovely day today -- some of the late blooming desert plants and flooding the air with their last bursts of scent -- bright sun -- mild temperatures -- hopeful spirit at last.

Thought for the day: There are lots of folks around still doing workshops to help us whiteys understand racism, and be able to read others' cultural signs etc. Not saying they aren't needed. But where are the workshops for helping whiteys become comfortable with being the minority -- an issue for many here on the border who struggle with their now permanent minority status. They've gone to workshops to learn how they, the majority, can better relate to minorities. But hey, we're the (permanent) minority now! And that's not been easy for everyone.

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