Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having a Bonsai Christmas

Working with the new medications, I suddenly realize it's a week of the strong stuff, a week of the weaker stuff, then a week of testing out the results. Now, do the math. December 17 until the strong stuff is done, December 24th until the weak stuff is done, then a week testing out results. Does this sound as if piling into the car on December 26th and beginning the long drive out to San Francisco is a likelihood? Oh, deepest sigh, no it doesn't.
So instead of Christmas with family and tumbling young ones, it will be ... no, wait!, just because the tree won't be eight feet tall doesn't mean there can't be Christmas!! So we're busy planning our bonsai Christmas (like this tree photographed at the Bonsai Garden in Oakland, CA -- small, yes, but perfectly formed, and indeed, brilliant.

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