Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't Frighten the Horses ... but ...

I don't know if the two ever met, but Jerry Falwell and former British Prime Minister John Major have been much in my mind of late.

Jerry Falwell, obviously, because of his recent death. John Major, well, this is yet another time of British Prime Ministerial transition.

But that's not why they have met so forcefully in my mind this week, not really.

As so many of my blogging friends, and my chat-with friends spend much time and energy trying to find just the right things to say about Jerry Falwell's death (and some, like Ms. Kitty have found them), and try to come to terms with straightening out what may be a large pot of conflicting opinions and feelings, I can not help but remember the singularly freeing and energizing comment of John Major when asked his opinion on some weighty matter or other.

I have discovered, he said, that I do not actually have to have an opinion about everything. And I do not yet have an opinion on this.

What a revelation this was for me! Good grief, as a born and bred Unitarian Universalist, I had opinions on things I hadn't even heard of yet!

Fancy that. And I have discovered one of the things I have no particular opinion about is the death of Jerry Falwell. Go figure.

1 comment:

ms. kitty said...

I love the Majors quote, Juffie, and thanks for the mention.
Ms. Kitty

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