Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wonders of Technology

Just read on another UU blog that today, May 1st, is a day for some consciousness raising about disablism.
Well, as a disabled person, let me say consciousnesses certainly do need to be raised. Here, there, and everywhere.
But all sorts of good things are happening too. Oh, not with people's attitudes, they still suck as often as not. Like, for about one week after 9/11, it was safe for me to cross the street on my mobility scooter, people would smile, wave, slow down, stop, roll down the window, wish me a good day.
Following week? Honk Honk, drive my Hummer right at you, you embarrassingly weak being with no right to exist cause you scare me that this could happen to me.
Sigh. No, the good things happening aren't so much attitudes, or even conscious attempts at accessibility (there are some, and that's great, there are many others not yet even tried) ... but the assistance the sheer march of development can bring.
Like, I've just bought four great tops. And I haven't had to shop. That is, go into a store on my scooter. (Ever try that? Oh, honey, it's all about filling the aisles with displays to increase sales per square foot these days. Forget gimps getting around.) Let alone trying to get into a changing room???
Now, however, I could shop in the comfort, literally, of my own home. With amazing visual tools that let me zoom in, move the garments around, check every detail. Wizard.
Sure, it doesn't include trying on, but a little honesty about one's own measurements goes a long way to success here. And if not, well, the Post Office is a lot easier to use on a scooter than a store.
I won't stop being a noisy disabled activist, but there sure are some things that help these days.

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Anna Belle said...

I just discovered your blog thanks to your comment, and now wonder if the post on disabilism was mine? It's something I care about with a passion. My father had progressive post-polio, and my mother from the time I was 12 until I was 21 had debilitating sciatica. As I read about your pain I think more of my mother than father. She's okay now, but my god those years it was excrutiating just to watch her. I'm very glad to hear you are a noisy disabled activist. You go!

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