Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Now the Music for THIS GA should be spectacular!!

Wow! I just put it all together in my poor ancient head -- but GA is going to be in Portland, Oregon. That is Portland!!! people. Home of the greatest, most amazing, most independent, most exciting music of the day. In other words, cutting edge music, just right for our cutting edge theology, right?

We'll be in the home of Viva Voce, the duo up top whose new record Viva Voce Loves You is due out just about the time of GA. We'll be in the home of the Gossip, the punk/soul three piece group in the middle, with the inimitable Beth Ditto. We'll be in the home of intellectual rockers the Decemberists (see below). And in the home of the awesome Modest Mouse (bottom of the top, if you see what I mean) - their "We Were Dead Before the Ships Even Sank" entered the charts at number one.

Oh glory, oh wonder, oh excitement! Finally some good cutting edge music at GA -- now what a Ware Lecture that will be!! What's that you say? What???!!! You haven't heard that any of these groups have been booked for GA, or anything like them?

Oh say it isn't so -- UU's striving so hard to be cutting edge in theology (with mixed results it must be admitted), but oh, so, not when it comes to our music? As my friend Biddies in My Brain would say (and sooooo glad to see you back in the blogosphere, Biddies!) ::sigh:: ::sigh:: ::sigh::

1 comment:

Obijuan said...

And let us not forget the inimitably fabulous and oughta-be-more-famous, Storm Large.

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