Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here's Just How to Do It, Doc!

So the new, blessed, human, attentive Doctor comes into the room to give me the results of the X-rays, MRIs etc. on the non-functioning right knee. Well, to be correct, the now somewhat functional, limp short distances, pain there but under control, knee - thanks to what he has already prescribed.

And here is what he said. "You", he said, with a smile emphasizing the 'you', "You have a most impressive amount of intense severe arthritic degeneration in this knee."

He went on to point out that my ostephytes (bony bumps your bone grows trying to compensate for the pain by making more bone to help out), usually small bumps or the size maybe of a fingertip, are actually in some places the size of a whole half a finger to the middle knuckle, especially behind my knee, where the most pain is, and inside my knee-cap (patella), making my knee-cap resemble an Iron Maiden. Let alone the tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, and the resulting crumple in the posterior cruciate ligament.

Now that's the way to deliver the news Doc. With a smile, eye contact, why even though I have a condition f#$% all can be done about, I left that office proud and with a spring in my limp.

Gotta love a doc who can do that!


Every 7th Day said...

Well, if you're gonna' do degeneration, it has always been my motto to do it better than everyone else.

I looked for a "Sorry to hear about your massive ostephytes" at Hallmark but no luck. Still searching for the "Keep kicking butt with your bad knee, baby!"

ms. kitty said...

Gosh, Juffie, I hope you're back on the cyberwaves soon. I miss the New Mexico revue. And your knee better shape up!

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