Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pain I Don't Understand Is Different

Today, folks, I would have given thousands of dollars to walk as well as the folks on this sign.

After nursing things along all week, every day somewhat better, some actually walking without any pain, mostly getting there ... BANG, this morning, I slid out of bed to discover the d#$%^d leg right back where I started. For no d#$%^d reason. No strange motions. No stress. No hurt. But also great pain, no walking, GRRR

Ah, and so the discoveries continue. Every other thing I've got, every one, I understand the cause of that pain. Turns out that makes it a whole lot easier to handle! Or at least for me, to have no bloody idea why this is happening, and be in pain, is not at all a good time.

Sorry to be so unenlightening tonight, but this is, after all, wait for it, drum roll, the Blog of Truth.


Christine Robinson said...

Sorry about your pain...I'll growl a little for you.

I'm curious about that sign. Is it real? Where did you find it?


juffie said...

Yes, that is a real sign. Since I lived in England almost 20 years, it just looked "normal" to me. And yes, it's on the left side of the road, so it's somewhere in England I suspect.

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