Monday, July 2, 2007

Now's a good time, gentle readers!

If you like books, you might want to check out my on-line shop this week -- see link at right -- one of the first things I've needed to do on getting home again is list some seven enormous boxes full of really great condition, mainly non-fiction, UU type books. They are moving fast, but there are some real gems. If you set the way it lists my 1100 plus books to list the most recently listed first, you'll get to see just the latest ones first.

Other than that, I've gone back to quilting -- but I'm most unusually hating it at the moment. Oh, I enjoy the process, but this Mystery Quilt we made in our quilting bee looks like being the ugliest daughter of a stitch I've ever seen. Sigh. I'll have to plough on and finish it, waste of fabric otherwise, but it's not my style. Watch for a picture of it in a few months, it just occurred to me, it might be soneone else's style!

And about to start our annual house clean-out -- years of moving every year while doing Interim Ministries got us trained. Go through everything you own once a year, and ditch, pitch, bitch. The house will feel so light when you have.

And for goodness sake throw out all those magazines you've been saving to read "one day". Do you think, even if you break both legs twice in a year, they'll have stopped publishing magazines?

1 comment:

laura said...

Amen!! We;re on a kick to lighten our load as well... feels GREAT.

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