Friday, July 13, 2007

Tonight's blog is fully expressed in the pictures, to save time for those of you who read too much already.

If I'm going to blog, then surely I have a responsibility to have deep thoughts (see picture one).

But actually, since I finished the house-cleaning gig (well, one or two little bits to go, but truly just sorting out a few pairs of earrings for the church nearly new sale) I've just been doing a lot of staring - contemplating - noticing- breathing in - the exquisite desert around me (see picture two) - and its fabulous wild storms - and gorgeous blue and white skies - and the sweetness of the night as the flowers let all their scent go before tomorrow.

Rather like picture three, in fact, open mouth and all.

But then I remember that Rodin's original name for his first ever statue of what we now know as The Thinker was "Despair at the Gates of Hell". Sort of glad I'm not thinking too much right now, I guess. Sorry if you're disappointed.

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