Thursday, July 5, 2007

Toss it, grind it, yuck

Nothing much to say -- spent the day cleaning out files, papers, c$%p, junk, desk office stuff stuff stuff. Threw out 7 pounds of "Sermon Ideas" ... good grief.

But loved putting a couple of beautiful stoles online for colleagues to have if they liked. Passing on the glory.

Pooped now -- off to a taped Jon Stewart, well, you have to, don't you. A glorious spa bath (ask me, if you wish, about the very very very reasonably priced, need no installation, fabulous small personal Spas from Dream Maker Spas) out on our patio under the stars, tonight in the very windy post thunderstorm glory. And then to bed. ZZZZ.


Obijuan said...

I spent the weeks before and after GA doing the same thing with paper. I kept overheating the motor on the shredder and would have to let it sit for a few hours at a time before I could continue. Frightening how much I bagged up.

angela cesa said...

yo, JWR, new yawk heea

so where are doz stoles you sellin'

can't fine em', any leff??

xoxo, angela

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