Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All Kinds of Decisions that Don't Matter (But They Do)

After 43 years of ministry, in a world with Holocausts (yes, plural, WWII, Ruanda, Darfur, Cambodia ... ), wars, destruction, true suffering, many things that people in our everyday world get all upset about seem pretty inconsequential to me.
And yet, and yet, so many of those inconsequential things are with us day by day.
Like laundry. See, I have this mini-problem to do with laundry. Should I do it often, with nice small loads, and not too many of them? Or should I save it up and wait for big loads and do it all in a marathon.
I tend to do the latter. It seems more ecological to use the machine fewer times for more clothes, even though the literature that came with my machine claims it adjusts the amount of water used to the size of the load.
I sure am glad I have a machine though. Had my two children in Europe. Long before the idea of disposable diapers had crept across the Atlantic. So it was strictly cloth. Nor was there any kind of Diaper Service. It was strictly store 'em in a bucket until you do it yourself.
Actually, for my first child, I also did not have a washing machine, indeed I did not even have a water heater. I had to boil them up on the stove in a big copper kettle like some demented cook.
So I am real grateful for my machine. But I still don't like using it too often.
Which leaves me with a different problem. The tiresome hanging and folding of big loads, now more problematical as my auto-immune @#$$%^% works its way along.
Have you guessed yet that today was laundry day?
P.S. And you know what else annoys me about laundry? Even as I am standing there doing it, I am generating the need for more. When I've done the dishes, if I don't eat for another half day, there are no more to be done! But laundry, well, there's an obvious solution, but it's still a bit chilly down here.


Christine Robinson said...

Welcome to the Blogging World, Judith! I look forward to seeing your posts.

Have you signed up with UU Updates? That's a service for Bloggers that notifys us when bloggers make new posts. Just google them...


angela cesa said...

Judith, what a joyous surprise to have your blog. Such a wonderful window on your life and oy these writings that send me!! Gorgeous!!! thank you so much. instead of finishing my paper for "the journey of development: psychological and spiritual" i'm reading glimmers of your writings. looking forward to doing more when the semester ends. so back to work (watching Don do the laundry - lucky me) and typing and reading. Such a blessing you are to me!!

love, angela

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