Sunday, April 8, 2007

There's no foolproof way ...

Now that I've got over 1,000 books in my on-line "shop" (see link), there's the whole question of how to find the ones people order.

Easy, right? Well ...

There are books from several individuals, and from two churches, all of which are sold with proceeds donated to the donors chosen charity or church. So ... you have to know who gave the book, who they want the money to go to, as well as finding the book itself. (With a bunch of separate spread sheets in my computer system to keep track of donors, charities etc.)

The order comes in. Now you've got to find the book. File by author, right? (Editor in a pinch). Yea, well, if the name of the book is long, then the on-line order field is too short to also show the author. Just shows the name. Big hassle to go find out the author's name. File by title then? I don't think so. Your eyes would cross in the "How To" section. Let alone the "Mystery of the..." department.

My beloved spend hours in our totally bookshelved double garage (which is ventilated, cleaned, library-like) sorting by author mostly. Still, it can really catch you out sometimes.

As I look around my house, I seem to have this same kind of problem lots of places. Like, my quilting fabric stash, small, but ever growing. File by color, well yea, but large pattern fabrics may not have one dominant color. And do you file small pieces by color in one place, and large pieces by color in another place, or all together?

Could it be, could it possibly be, this refulgent Spring, that life is not completely sortable? And is it possible to stop trying, and go watch The Apprentice? Yippee!

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