Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fear and Loathing

................... This is not me ....

OK, so now I come clean to you, dear readers. For the past several posts I have been, not at home, but on the road or in Las Vegas. My husband's son, who lives in Boston, will be there this week at the National Association of Broadcasters annual bun-fight, so we all came in early for the week-end. Lots easier for me to drive my mobility scooter to Vegas than to Boston!

Vegas is not my favorite place. OK, we did see Spam-a-lot, and laughed a lot, and enjoyed finding quiet corners in which to have great conversations (well worth the $$ at the deserted beauty shop where we all got our hair cut and could chat down the far end of some subterranean corridor).

But for a place which sells joy - winning, loving, straying (what happens in V...), there's precious little sign of happiness on the actual faces. Most people look like the lady above. At best befuddled and confused, longing, even despairing, all wanting what they spent a lot of money coming here for and finding, instead, crowds of shuffling somewhat purposeless people, all looking for a "good time" - most of them not quite finding it.

Me, I think it would have helped every one of them not to allow the entertainment industry to define "good time" for them. Anyway, it feels good to get back into the quiet, spiritual, healing desert. Now in my windscreen, not my rear view mirror.

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