Saturday, April 21, 2007

Vermont Peaches

What's that you say?
Peaches come from southern states like Georgia?
Not today, my friends, not today. Today the peaches, peaches, peaches are the Vermont Senate who voted to seek the im-peach-ment (::groan::) of President Bush and Vice-Pres. Cheney.
For some months I have been a-ponderin'. How is it that one President is impeached for losing 18 minutes of audio tape in a cover-up of a small-time piece of political espionage - child's play compared to today's computer hacking and misdirection; another is impeached for a blow job (please accept apologies for indelicate language, but indelicate is as indelicate does); and the third is not (??) impeached for sustained, deliberate, intention subversion of the separation of powers, checks and balances, legislative and judicial branches of the very Constitution he swore to protect?
I suppose it all boils down to if crimes are small everyone can imagine themselves doing them and they are easy to define and take to court; but some crimes are so enormous it's hard to even figure out what to call them, how to define them, and gets confusing even to think about what to do.
I've seen this in churches when the Board spends an hour on what size light-bulbs to have in the hallway (they can get their heads around what's "just like at home"), but skate over whether or not to have a Behavioral Covenant because, well, we've never done that before. And once again time spent is in inverse proportion to the importance of the matter.
So go go go Vermont, you peaches!

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