Friday, April 6, 2007

Never Quite ...

OK, folks, so here's the real skinny about my kind of quilting.
I know those of you who are purists out there will be wincing, nay, yelping at your computers as you read this, but ... well ... it's never exactly, perfectly right.
I'm working on three quilts right now. And in the mystery quilt (this is a great fun project for quilting bees - you get a Chapter of directions each month, but you have NO idea at all what the final quilt will look like - you just make little bits and try to guess as you gradually piece them together) --- well, in the mystery quilt I'm working on, things aren't coming out exactly to plan -- they are less the exact same size than they're intended to be. To put it mildly.
A friend showed me what to do today. I call it pulling and pushing, stretching and squidging. Because no matter how much I pin, they aren't exactly the same size. So a little pulling, a little squidging takes place to fake them into being the same size.
My friend informs me it's not called pulling and pushing, stretching and squidging. It's called "easing". Oh, so delicate. I say, "Teasing?" She says, "That'll do if you have to".
But you know what, given the current government, I'm in no mood for euphemisms and spin. Me, I push, pull and stretch. Sorry fellow quilters, but there it is.
'Course those of you who know me know there's probably a lot in life I've handled like that!

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