Sunday, April 8, 2007

Up, Up and ... well ... back again

So it's official. The voters of Dona Ana County here in southern New Mexico voted FOR the spaceport - which will be about 40 miles north of our house.

You couldn't call it an overwhelming vote, not with the difference between the Yeas and Nays being a matter of under 300 votes. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised for the Nays to make good on their pre-election statement that they would call for a recall if the margin were under 500 votes.
Richard Branson of Virgin will be happy. Space tourism will be a go. Carbon footprints, anyone?
Don't think I'll be going up for a five minute, or less, experience of weightlessness, much as my over abundant corpus might enjoy it. I'll take a swim and use my imagination.
Perhaps, sitting here on the back patio in sun on a beautiful Spring day in the high desert, I just don't feel a need to escape. It's not that much of an escape anyway, for your vast $$$, not so much up, up and away as up, up, and ... well ... back again.

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