Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's n.e.v.e.r. too late!

Last night we went to the theatre, more about that another day, but just to say though this is a new and modern theatre, it has a very steep rake -- great for sightlines to the stage, not so hot for mobility impaired people!
But not to worry - this is the new mobility impaired jubilata ... after her personal trainer got hold of her. And though the steps down were slow and painful (believe it or not, oh you temporarily able-bodied, but down is much worse than up on stairs) - the ones up were done at even a, dare I say it, sprightly pace. So much so that those behind us looked confused and surprised when, once at the top, I climbed onto my mobility scooter!
How is this miracle possible? Enter Brigit, personal trainer extraordinaire. She comes to my house (thus short-circuiting my enormous capacity for rationalization about why today isn't a good time to drive to the gym); and she works with the body you have with enormous intuition. I've referred her to several friends, our routines are all very different as each of us has different needs.
But now I'm throwing around the 30 lb. freeweights, and wearing 20 lb. on each ankle for leg extensions etc., well, hey, it's n.e.v.e.r too late! No, my auto-immune crap won't allow me to walk a mile - but there is still more I can do, and what I can do, I do much better.
So if you've been wondering if you should, you should. And go my triathlon blogging buddy! (See link)

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